Moo Juice And A Whole Lot More: Milk Choices To Nourish Healthy Bones

Every member of your family requires calcium and vitamin D for strong teeth and bones, and milk has been the mainstay for acquiring these vital nutrients. The milk sections of most large supermarkets' dairy aisles have expanded dramatically over recent years to include an array of choices. Once upon a time, your selection was an easy pick between whole cow's milk or chocolate-flavored cow's milk. When concerns about the implications of high cholesterol surfaced, cow's milk display shelves grew to include choices that contained varying degrees of lower fat content. Read More 

Seemingly Harmless Symptoms You Should Tell Your Family Physician

You may not expect that some seemingly harmless symptoms may indicate something more serious. But the following innocuous symptoms should be mentioned on your next visit to your family doctor. You're Going Gray Gray hair is one of those accepted signs of aging that everyone faces. But if you find that you're suddenly going gray in your youth, or that the gray hair is rapid onset, then mention it to your family doctor. Read More