Three Places That You Can Get A Sports Physical

For many young athletes, the first step in playing for a sports team at their school or in their community is passing a sports physical. Having this documentation shows your coach and the school or league officials that you're healthy enough to compete. If your sports season is fast approaching and you need to get a physical so that you won't miss any action, it's important to know where to get this procedure done. Depending on where you live, there may be several locations that you can go for a sports physical. Here are some places to consider.

Sports Medicine Clinics

Sports medicine clinics serve many roles in the community. When athletes suffer injuries, for example, they'll often visit these specialized clinics to receive an assessment and the necessary treatment. If you have a sports medicine clinic near where you live, you can visit its website to determine whether it offers sports physicals. This is often the case, so you'll then want to inquire about the process of booking an appointment. Keep in mind that many other young athletes might be going through this process at the same time as you, so it's a good idea to schedule your physical promptly.

Pediatric Clinics

Another place that you can visit for a sports physical is a local pediatric clinic. As a specialist in children's health, a pediatrician will be able to thoroughly assess you to provide you with the documentation that you need for the upcoming sports season. You may already have an established relationship with a pediatrician, perhaps visiting them regularly for check-ups and for other health issues. If so, you'll likely appreciate seeing a familiar face when you attend your sports physical appointment.

Your School

If you need a sports physical to play a school sport, there's a possibility that your school may arrange to have one or more doctors visit to perform physicals for the athletes at the school. This method is convenient because you're already at school. For example, the physicals may take place over the lunch hour, or perhaps be scheduled for immediately following the end of the school day. Some young athletes favor the social aspect of this scenario — for example, you'll get to wait with your friends and fellow athletes for your turn to go through the process. Once you pass your sports physical, you can look forward to competing in your sport of choice.